Welcome to the PHYgital Freedom eE COLLABOCRATIC Marketing Campaign, aimed at supporting positive impact entrepreneurs, investors and consumers to thrive in the globalised phygital market.

In the current landscape, 583 million entrepreneurs are encountering significant challenges across commercial, financial, social, and personal spheres in the Era of PHYgital commerce—a fusion of physical and digital realms.

Many embarked on their entrepreneurial journeys out of necessity, seeking sustenance, independence, creative freedom, or the opportunity to pursue personal visions or passions.

The pandemic expedited digital entrepreneurship’s growth, as individuals sought to reinvent themselves amid job losses to survive.

In the face of these multifaceted challenges, innovation, diversification of distribution channels, and revenue source multiplication have become pivotal for ensuring entrepreneurs’ sustainability and quality of life.

Responding to this burgeoning market demand, Francesca Giobbi, founder of, conducted interviews with over 8,900 entrepreneurs across 64 countries. Following an exhaustive analysis of commercial laws in sectors like fashion, beauty, health, tourism, food, education, entertainment, logistics, real state, information technology, marketing and rigorous testing of its commercial, financial, social and personal incentive economy in key cities like London, Lisbon and São Paulo, Francesca, leveraging the COLLABOCRATIC philosophy, developed the innovative PHYgital COLLABOCRATIC MARKETING CAMPAIGNS in collaboration with a group of distinguished Trailblazer for Change—entrepreneurs and investors offering products and services of positive global impact.

These campaigns aim to integrate professional, social, personal and financial consumption among entrepreneurs, suppliers, collaborators, customers, and socially and environmentally conscious consumers from various nations, providing access to cutting-edge innovations, markets, and capital for business expansion.

Divided into three complementary B2B2C events kicking off in Dubai, Paris, London and Marbella in 2024, we’re connecting entrepreneurs with products and services addressing global needs, while balancing their commercial, financial, social, emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Our mission is to reach and unite these entrepreneurs through the globalized digital market via live streams on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and closed streaming communities, all while promoting the integration of local business communities within the international digital hub Additionally, our strategy includes investments in paid digital marketing across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, alongside roundtable discussions with impact investors.

This campaign spans nine months, with physical events in Dubai on May 12, Paris from 29 May to 1 June, London from September 14 to 18 and Marbella on November 28 and 29. Content generated from these events, featuring panelists offering solutions in products and services to bolster entrepreneurship across the six areas—commercial, financial, social, emotional, mental, and physical health—will be distributed in the form of 580 mini-videos across all panelists’ social media platforms and their partners over the nine-month period, alongside COLLABOCRATIC commercial links and investments in paid digital marketing across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

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