Our Values

“Up to now, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing over 8600 ethical entrepreneurs whose potential for consumption and distribution spans across 64 countries. These interactions have been an incredible journey where I’ve dedicated time, energy, and financial resources to fulfill my life’s mission: establishing a digital space where ethical individuals can connect and conduct fruitful business, fostering a healthy global commercial environment.

My dream is to see every individual, company, community, city, and country valued in the global market.

I’m thrilled to introduce the fourth iteration of our  Freedom eE COLLABOCRATIC business hub with Trailblazers for Change from different parts of the world.

This endeavor has been made possible by the support of activists who recognize the transformative power we hold in our hands when consuming professionally, socially, and personally.

Since our inaugural version in London in 2019, I’ve realized that relying solely on talented entrepreneurs and conscientious consumers isn’t enough to drive small and medium businesses with social impact in the global market. It’s essential to have logistical partners and consultants who view the market from both outside in and inside out. In 2020, during our edition in Lisbon, I learned the critical importance of organizing precise commercial data for negotiation between promising projects and financiers. Then, in 2021, during our event in São Paulo, it became evident that education on the globalized digital market and extraordinary customer acquisition strategies, such as cross-marketing and diversified revenue streams, are essential for healthy growth in the digital commerce landscape.

These experiences have led me to refine the eE Freedom economy through COLLABOCRACY.

COLLABOCRACY brings together collaboration, cooperation, and meritocratic receivables among diverse individuals who collectively build a more ethical, free, responsible, and transparent commercial environment.

The Freedom eE COLLABOCRATIC economy is structured across three interdependent sectors—professional, social, and financial—each aimed at achieving six professional goals (economic, social, anthropological, technological, informational, and quality), six social goals (commercial, physical, mental, social, emotional, and financial health), and six financial goals (active income generation with direct sales, passive income generation with authentic connections, cooperative income generation with marketing cooperatives, social income generation with social projects, financing income generation with affortable lines of credits, and investments income generation with Freedom eE network community growth through Tokens).

I’m carefully selecting ethical changemakers who aspire to lead this change, starting with organizing their professional, social, and personal consumption and trade on the freedomeE.network platform. Subsequently, they’ll unite their communities with like-minded individuals, creating a powerful force for ethical business and consumption.

Together, we’re building a values-based marketplace where each of us can engage in conscious transactions daily. We’re developing courses, experiences, events, webinars, mentorships, and products aligned with the six pillars sustaining ethical commerce.

I’m grateful to the Freedom eE Trailblazers for Change. We need to unite people who truly inspire others to do the same.

Together, we can create a better future each day. The power of our knowledge and professional, social, and personal consumption is immense. And through this power, we can implement commercial laws for the development of every individual, company, community, city, and country in a globalized market of information, products, and services. I invite you to join us in this endeavor. We’re utilizing the Around platform with categories of ethical wellness markets to list suppliers, enterprises, influencers, opinion leaders, brand ambassadors, and content creators with community communication.” Francesca Giobbi