Commercial Panel Structure:

Main Objective: Advocating Ethical Investments.

Complementary Objectives:
Promoting Transparency in Investment Practices: Discussing strategies to enhance transparency in investment practices to ensure ethical considerations are prioritized.

Encouraging Sustainable Financial Growth: Exploring methods to encourage sustainable financial growth through ethical investment practices that consider long-term impacts on financial health.

Fostering Responsible Commercial Development: Addressing the importance of fostering responsible commercial development through investments that prioritize ethical business practices.

Supporting Socially Responsible Initiatives: Discussing the role of investments in supporting socially responsible initiatives that contribute positively to social health and community development.

Ensuring Equitable Distribution of Resources: Exploring ways to ensure the equitable distribution of resources through investments that prioritize fairness and inclusivity.

Enhancing Stakeholder Engagement: Addressing the importance of enhancing stakeholder engagement in investment decision-making processes to promote transparency and accountability.

Panel Composition:

-Mediator: James McSill
-Panel Leaders: Marcelo Shama & Francesca Giobbi
-15 Engaged Participants

Topic Focus: The panel will focus on advocating ethical investments with an emphasis on financial health, commercial health, and social health. It will explore strategies to promote transparency, sustainability, and responsible commercial development through investment practices. Additionally, the panel will discuss the role of investments in supporting socially responsible initiatives and ensuring equitable distribution of resources. Through collaboration and dialogue, the panel aims to enhance stakeholder engagement and encourage ethical considerations in investment decision-making processes.
During the panel discussion, the mediator, James McSill, will facilitate dialogue between the panel leaders, Marcelo Shama & Francesca Giobbi, and the engaged participants. The objective is to generate insights, share best practices, and identify actionable steps to advocate ethical investments effectively, considering the financial, commercial, and social health implications.

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