Introducing the Empowering Potential of an Inclusive, Ethical and Purposeful Entrepreneurial Lifestyle through Fashion Perspectives

Francesca Giobbi, the visionary behind Freedom eE’s groundbreaking COLLABOCRATIC Economy of commercial, financial, and social incentives, brings 32 years of unparalleled expertise in international trade. Her experience spans production, marketing, and value-added sales across renowned brands with Made in Italy, Made in Brazil, Made in China, and Made in India quality stamps and genuine endorsements.

Having conducted in-depth interviews with over 8800 entrepreneurs from 64 countries, exploring their challenges and aspirations in today’s PHYGITAL GLOBALISED landscape, Francesca is spearheading a movement to unite WORLD IMPACTEURS (impact entrepreneurs) worldwide. Through an extensive network encompassing networking, marketing, sales and financial solutions, rooted in COLLABOCRATIC partnerships, she is revolutionizing the support and sustainability of businesses in the dynamic global PHYGITAL market.

Join us for the London Fashion Week extravaganza, where we’ll unveil an unforgettable Inclusive Business Fashion Show alongside four cutting-edge Innovative Business Panels. Together, we will craft a compelling narrative highlighting the unity of an inclusive and interconnected ecosystem, driven by WORLD IMPACTEURS dedicated to Freedom eE’s Unique and Innovative 18 Responsible Development Objectives. These objectives champion inclusivity across fashion, beauty, gastronomy, tourism, technology, logistics, IT, health, and wellness.

Step into the spotlight and showcase your products and services through our inclusive, PHYGITAL and COLLABOCRATIC Fashion Show with Business Panels. This is your opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, discerning consumers, and visionary impact investors from diverse industries including Fashion, Beauty, Food, Gastronomy, Tourism, Logistics, IT, Education and Entertainment, fostering networking, marketing, sales and investments collaborations and sparking innovations.

Joining forces with luminaries like Samanta Bullock, Co-owner of London Represents and renowned Diversity and Inclusion Activist, along with Francesca Giobbi and WORLD IMPACTEURS from 64 countries, we’re weaving tales of impact entrepreneurship into a captivating PHYGITAL runway experience. From London to the world, our PHYGITAL Networking, Marketing, Sales and Investments Campaigns and Events will amplify your impact and propel your success in the vibrant global marketplace.